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Crisis Management in the Classroom

Crisis Management is a serious issue Learn the strategy to manage any classroom crisis and improve your confidence.

How to Control The Unruly Class

This course is for you if you are sick of letting unruly classes and unruly students spoil your day and the learning of others.

How to Manage Difficult Students

Try this 3 Step Technique

Trying to manage difficult students is the bane of most teacher's existence. Of course, there are times when you could just scream! We all understand that.

Part 1 - Orientation on Surviving and Thriving in the Relief Classroom

Some days you are lucky to come out of the classroom door unscathed. If you can reach for your glass of wine, you have survived another day. This course will help you do more.

Part 2 - How to Survive in the Relief Teaching Classroom

This course will help you SURVIVE in the Relief Teaching Classroom. This is a precursor to How to THRIVE in the Relief Teaching Classroom.

Part 3 - How to Thrive in the Relief Teaching Classroom

After you SURVIVE it is time to build your confidence to THRIVE.
This course will help you THRIVE in your relief classroom.

Managing Student Behaviour:
The Essentials

The Essentials is the introductory course of the Managing Student Behaviour suite. The statistics in this course will open your eyes with a bang!

Managing Student Behaviour:

The Solutions

Find solutions to classroom behaviour management problems - before they become problems.

Managing Student Behaviour


MSB Essentials + Solutions

Mastering the Art of Teaching Literacy

Attacking literacy as a relief teacher is challenging. Get the resources, the skills, the confidence to attack literacy in your relief classroom. Suits all ages.

Walking with Dinosaurs

A 5 module course on teaching literacy, inspired by the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' BBC TV series. Supplementary training materials include multi-media resources, lesson plans, ebooks, worksheets and videos.

Teaching Quotations
"Like a Pro"

A 4 module course on how to show students the correct way to use quotation marks, all the while keeping them engaged, active, quiet and learning.

Mapping Australia

Mapping Australia is an important skill but it doesn’t often appear on any curriculum. Well, it should. This teaching kit will enable you to do that.


Peer tutoring is an excellent method for promoting complete mastery of a concept and serves as an effective tool for enhancing student engagement in relief teaching.

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Sheila T


What an awesome course! Bob has a great way with words and combined with using real-life scenarios, he cleverly explains how to implement ‘doable’ solutions to behaviour management problems. This course provides practical examples of strategies in use and gives permission for teachers to ‘take back’ control of their classroom.

Member since Mar 2019

Helen C


The Crisis Management course
reduces a crisis situation to a simple process, a set of steps to be followed logically, without hasty or stressful responses. As with all the courses, it is down-to-earth, common sense advice; it is easy to understand and easy to follow.
I like the notes we can download for the modules. Otherwise, I tend to want to take notes all the time.

Member since 2015



I only joined a few days ago but already I am getting back into the swing of things, thanks to you. I am a returning teacher, out of teaching for 15 years. My local school is desperate for me to start relief teaching for them but I just want to build my confidence up first. Your courses are fantastic. Thanks again.

Member since Nov 2019

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