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Resume Review


Get a personalised video review with tailored feedback to improve your CV.

Receive a video recording of us walking through your CV on screen - highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, sharing our tips and tricks and providing suggested changes you could make to your content, wording, design and format to improve your CVs overall presentation and readability. Learn from our years of experience and industry expertise and apply changes yourself.

Full Resume Makeover


Receive a personalised video review PLUS have us do a full makeover on your CV for you!  

Receive all the benefits of the Resume Review PLUS have us do a full makeover of your CVs content, wording, design and format to ensure it's optimised for today's employers.

To do this, we'll ask for some information from you upfront, then use it to create your new professional CV, designed to optimise your strengths and engage your audience!

Expect only the best

Personalised Feedback

We'll provide you with comprehensive feedback on your current resume, pinpointing areas that need improvement and identifying your strengths.

Tailored Recommendations

Our experts will offer personalized suggestions to optimize your resume's content, format, and structure, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your career goals.

Enhanced Visibility

With our resume makeover, you'll capture the attention of hiring managers, increasing your chances of securing interviews.

Confidence Boost

You'll feel more confident presenting your revamped resume, knowing it showcases your abilities and qualifications in the best light possible.

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